Finance Department

The Finance Department aims to provide a cost effective, efficient and professional financial service which includes advice, direction and guidance and support to all staff and students of the University. The Finance Department is located in Brecon Building.

The Finance Department consists of the Procurement Unit; Payroll Unit; Payment and Expenditure Unit; Revenue Unit (including Cash Office): Reporting & Information Systems Unit and The Management Accounting Unit.

Procurement Unit

The Procurement has responsibility for:

  • procurement of all goods services and works for the University
  • procurement

Payroll Unit

The Payroll has responsibility for:

  • the payment of travel expense claims
  • payroll

Payment and Expenditure Unit

The Payment and Expenditure has responsibility for:

  • producing purchase orders for goods and services required for the normal operating activities of the University
  • the recording and timely payment of appropriately submitted and authorised invoices
  • the payment of expense claims and bursaries

Revenue Unit

The Revenue Unit has responsibility for:

  • tuition fee invoicing and collection
  • collection of fees for halls of residence accommodation
  • invoicing and collection of other University income
  • credit control activities
  • operating the university direct debit facility
  • cashier office activities, receipting and banking

The Cash Office is located in room B118. The opening hours are 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

Financial Planning and Reporting

Financial Planning and Reporting consists of three units based in Brecon Block

The Financial Planning and Reporting Unit has responsibility for:

  • University Planning/Budget Setting Process
  • Overall Budget monitoring and reporting
  • Producing Budget Statements
  • Producing internal management information
  • Transparent Approach to Costing Returns (TRAC)
  • Advising Faculties and Departments on full economic costing and business planning for projects
  • Advising Faculties and Departments on other financial matters

The Financial Accounting Unit has responsibility for:

  • producing annual financial accounts and external reporting
  • treasury management (including cashflow forecasting)
  • VAT planning and accounting
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • 5 Year Financial Forecast
  • HESA Finance Return

The European Finance Unit has responsibility for:

  • Monitoring European project finances and output attainment
  • Ensuring European project expenditure complies with EU regulations and guidance
  • Compiling and submit European project claims
  • Constructing audit trails and monitor income for European projects
  • Finalisation and closure of European projects
  • Dealing with auditors in respect of European funded projects
  • Advising Faculties and Departments on financial matters relating to European projects

Reporting and Information Systems Unit

The Reporting and Information Systems Unit has responsibility for:

  • providing system support for the department’s financial systems
  • providing support for the department’s reporting requirements